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  • | Carla Peicheff

    Something Pretty for Someone Special (3 Step Scarf Making)

    Sometimes you see a fabric and you know *exactly* what you want to do with it... that doesn’t happen to me often, but with this, I knew what it was going to become before it even reached my hot little hands...  That’s where this lovely fabric comes into play... Ramie Bio Washing Linen: Baby Bea... View Post
  • | Sara SJ Kim

    Jacquiesews X Dailylike Canada Collaboration Lookbook | July 2018

      Jacquie @jacquiesews's Willow Bloomers  Used fabric : Citrus Farm (Bloomers) Photo by @thatkindredlife   Izzy Dress Used fabric (Izzy Dress) : Cheek Pink (Striped) / Citrus Farm (Floral) Photo by @mini.wonders   Floral Bonnet and Pink Striped Top  Used fabric : Romance (Discontinued : Bonnet... View Post
  • | Sara SJ Kim

    Carla Peicheff X Dailylike Canada Collaboration Lookbook | June 2018

      Carla @cpeicheff's first projects as our 2nd quarter Official Supporter 2018 | Weebrawbags Used fabric (Floral) : Bashful Cotton 30c / Cotton Candy Bio Washing Linen  / Handmade Leather Tag / Aloha Sew-On Tag Used fabric (Kitty) : My Kitty Friends Cotton 20c / Natural Linen  / Handmade ... View Post