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Dailylike Shipping Process


It's getting warmer and we are having more sunshine in Richimond, BC, yay :)!

I saw some posts about cutting fabrics on Social Media.
And sometimes when I make orders, I also get curious what kind of process they make before sending my items.

My husband, Kye suggested me to make a video and WE DID IT!
First a few orders, we were in panic even though I thought we were all ready for that.

But I can see we got much better.

Here we go! This is Dailylike Canada Shipping Process!



Actually the missing part due to the length of the video is we tape all the edges of the box since it's a thick box so has a gap on edges.

We just wanted to show this is how we do for shipping your items!
Hope this video solved your curiosity a bit :)





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