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Blind Hem Presser Foot - How to sew Blind Hem stitch


I've used only basic feet - include Zipper Foot and Button Hole Foot - for about a year and half. 
Now I feel like I need to move on, so I bought a few new feet for my own skill-upgrading plan :).

I bought this foot at sewingpartsonline.com
They have wide selections of feet and parts you need for your sewing machine and they have video tutorials for every items they sell, which is awesome. The only problem I had was I had to pay more than $25 CAD for the custom and handling charge.

Does anyone know any Canadian site I can buy feet on line or retail store in Vancouver area? Please give me information.

Anyways, one of them drew my interest at first, which is called Blind Hem Presser Foot.

The use of Blind Hem Presser Foot is literally to make stitch invisible, especially for a line of stitching on the bottom of pants and skirts.

Only with this stitch..... my sewing look much more professional :)

how to sew blind hem stitch
In this quick tutorial, I used the fabric "Out of Town - Apple Blossom"


Here's a video I made.
It takes only 2 minutes to complete watching!


My fingers act weird on the video. I think I got very nervous on filming.
You can laugh at that :)

I hope someone who starts sewing like me would find this video useful!



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