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Dailylike on TV drama : Descendants of the Sun

Korean television dramas have been popular across Asia.
Now military romance Descendants of the Sun has hit peak K-drama fever.

descendants of the sun

My husband and I watched a few episodes and we like this drama but sometimes too much romance... :)

But anyway, I was really proud that some of Dailylike products were shown on THIS DRAMA!
I want to introduce those scenes to you. 

Dailylike in Descendants of the Sun

I specially love the bowls.
I am sad that I can't bring them due to shipping and expenses.

Dailylike in Descendants of the SunDailylike in Descendants of the Sun

Look at the plate's color and embossing texture!
I think I should buy one for myself.

We don't carry those items I've shown above in stock, but let me know if you want to order, I'll order more when I order mine!

Please contact me then I'll let you know how to pre-order these items!




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