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Curvy Zipper Pouch (A quick tutorial and pattern link)

Hi Makers!

I am happy to be here today sharing a twist on one of my favorite patterns - the curvy zipper pouch. Today I will be showing how to turn one pouch into a trio set.

I love this pouch, especially in the smaller size. Isn't the mini adorable?

Add the nature themed fabric from DailyLike Canada and the pouches are perfection.



Materials needed:

  1. Cotton Oxford for exterior - I used Landscape Oxford for L/S size pouches and Soar Oxford for M size.
  2. Cotton fabric for lining
  3. Interfacing
  4. 3 zippers under the size 12"
  5. Disappearing fabric pen
  6. Sewing machine and supplies
  7. Iron and ironing board
  8. Curvy Zipper Pattern


Note that the curvy zipper pouch is available in my online store.


A couple things to consider before we get started:

  • Metal zippers can be difficult to work with. I suggest lengthening the stitch length and then slowly sewing over the zipper. You can always use a regular zipper.
  • This pouch has a tab at one end.  I love this feature, as it makes for a really wide pouch opening.
  • On my blog, HaberdasheryFun, I share a unique approach to sewing the top curve.  It is also ok to attach the zipper the regular "old fashioned" way.
  • For an extra study pouch, use interfacing on both the exterior and interior fabrics.
  • If re-sizing the pouch as per this post, use a 1/4" - 3/8" seam allowance.



To make a trio of pouches:

  1. Print the original Curvy Zipper Pattern.
  2. Place the pattern into the photocopier and use the ratio options to resize the pattern. Always start from the original pattern.  Resize to 75% and print, resize to 65% and print and lastly, resize to 50% and print. It's that simple..!
  3. These smaller pattern pieces fit on a letter size piece of paper. To get a full pattern you can 1) Fold along the CF line, staple together and then cut the pattern out. 2) Print 2 copies and tape along the CF line.




Head to my blog for the full tutorial, but here is a quick run down on the steps:

  1. Cut your pattern pieces - 2 outside, 2 lining and 1 zipper tab.
  2. Measure and trim zipper down to size. Quick tip - add 1/8" - 1/4" to each top side seam allowance. Trim the zipper down to this new measurement. This extra wiggle room helps turn a great zipper corner.
  3. Trim zipper to size [at one end]. Turn and fold zipper tab. Insert tab over raw zipper end and sew.
  4. Sew the zipper along the top edge of front pouch. Repeat for back side. Note that you can use either method for attaching zipper. My original blog post gives a fun approach, but the regular old fashioned way works just as great.
  5. Sew the zipper to the lining front. Repeat for the back side.
  6. Open zipper. Place outside pieces, right sides facing.  Pin. Place lining pieces, right sides facing. Pin. Sew together with a smaller seam allowance.  Remember to leave a small opening at the lining bottom edge.
  7. Sew all 4 boxed corners.
  8. Turn right side out. Pin lining bottom edge together and sew.


That's it! Hope you like this fun idea for making a trio set.



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