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Dailylike Special Fabric Type - Bio Washing


Hello, everyone! 

We now have some soft colour Bio Washing Linens in the shop so I would like to introduce what Bio Washing Process is. 

I've posted about normal Washing and Pigment Washing Process earlier. Here is the link for that post.



  • Bio Wash (Bio Polish)
    1.  Enzymes are applied to the fabric at a high temperature to weaken fibers that would normally pill, and instead of pilling, they readily break-off.
    2. The bio polishing treatment removes the fuzz and pilling from the fabric surface and gives the fabric a softer and smoother handle and superior color brightness.
    3. It removes dirt from the fabric.
    4. Great for sensitive skin! 


As I've explained on the previous post, the fabrics have already gone through washing process, so they shrink a lot less (almost none and no deformation at all) and feel much softer than common linen fabrics. (Common linen fabrics shrink when you wash them first time, so it's a must-do thing to pre-wash them before sewing.


Now you have a question about Ramie?


Ramie Linen

Ramie is a flowering plantRamie fiber is known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky lustre to the fabric appearance. 
So this fabric especially looks and feels great in Summer. 


To see Dailylike Ramie Bio Washing Linen Collection, click here >>https://www.dailylike.ca/collections/ramie-bio-washing-linen


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