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Doll Skirt How-To

Doll Skirt How-To


Hi! It's Kayleigh from Deeyu Dolls and today I'm going to show you how you can make a handmade skirt for a doll of your choosing. Making a skirt for your doll is quite simple, and there are a lot of different ways to go about it. The type of skirt I am going to show you how to do is the same type that I put on my dolls- a simple gathered skirt with a button closure on the back.


What you will need:

  • Fabric (enough length to measure 2x the waist of your doll)
  • One button of your choosing
  • Button Foot for your sewing machine 
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle & thread


Used fabric  - Top : Dailylike Sage Green Oxford
                      Skirt : Dailylike Rainbow Cotton 20C
                      Leggings : Dailylike Dot Cotton 20C


Step 1:

Measure the waist of your doll, where you want the top of your skirt to sit. Take that measurement and multiply it by 2 to get the width of the piece of fabric you will need for your skirt. Measure down from the doll's waist to figure out the length you would like your skirt to be. I like to make the skirt hit just above knee level, but it is really up to you! Cut out the rectangle of fabric, leaving enough fabric for seam allowance (always 1/4" unless otherwise stated).


Step 2:

Cut another piece of fabric for the waistband of the skirt. I usually use the same width for this that I used for the skirt, with a 2" length. If you are making a skirt for a large doll, you may want to go longer in length- it's really up to you. No seam allowance required for this piece.


Step 3:

Hem your skirt piece. You want to hem the bottom of the skirt as well as the two sides. 


Step 4:

Sew a basting stitch along the top edge of your skirt. Use one of the threads from this stitch to gather the skirt to the desired length. I like to pin the skirt to the doll so I know I have the right size. Make sure both ends of the skirt overlap enough to cover the doll when you put a button closure on the back (at least 1" overlap is best).



Step 5:

Make a bias tape with your waist strap. Ironing will make sewing this piece a lot easier, but you can get away with skipping the iron if you really don't enjoy it (I get it!). Pin the waist strap to the top of your skirt, making sure the skirt is sandwiched in between the fabric for the waist strap. 


Step 6:

Sew your waist strap to the skirt. I usually do two lines of stitches, but really only one is necessary to keep it all together. There will be excess fabric from the waist strap- cut it off, leaving a 1/4". Fold over the leftover excess and sew it to the inside of the skirt (do this with both ends of the waist strap). 


Step 7:

Time to sew your button hole. Using the button hole sewing foot for your machine, sew a button hole on the piece of the waist strap that overlaps on the top of the other end of the skirt. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to use this sewing machine foot, so if you're unsure make sure you look it up before you start. Carefully cut out the middle of your button hole with a seam ripper. 


Step 8:

Pin the skirt to your doll and use a marker to mark where you should sew your button on. Un-pin the skirt and sew your button onto the skirt using your marker spot as a placement guide. 


And that's it! You've officially made a skirt for your doll! I hope you found this simple tutorial useful- I highly recommend using DailyLike's gorgeous cotton or linen fabrics for your skirt! 


Used fabrics  - Top : Dailylike Sage Green Oxford 
                        Skirt : Dailylike Rainbow Cotton 20C
                        Leggings : Dailylike Dot Cotton 20C


Happy sewing!

-Kayleigh (Deeyu Dolls)


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