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Flower Love




The act of moving is refreshing, it’s a brand new start, an adventure, even.

A time-consuming adventure.

Now that all the boxes are either unpacked or out of sight, I’ve finally begun to settle into the new normal, and have had time to dedicate to sewing and quilting.



I grabbed one pattern that I really like: Flower Love, and just started cutting into my Dailylike fabrics.



It’s near impossible for our emotions to not shine through our work, so using one of my favorite calming blues was essential to get the feel for this pattern off the ground, and the blues go great in every corner of my house.



Let it be said, Dailylike’s fabrics played an undeniable role in all this; their timeless nature go so well with the feel I was going for, and somehow they go together so well, allowing me to bring my design to life into something that felt right at home wherever I put it.


There is something satisfying about piecing together the center piece and seeing it bring all the other elements together.



I’m a quilter, so that process of cutting fabric into tiny pieces and then putting them back together creating new shapes and designs is something that fills my heart.



I’m happy to say that I finally feel like I’m back into a routine, into a productive state of mind. This project is simple enough that it didn’t seem like a chore, but intricate enough to look elegant in my home.



Put simply, I’m pumped to be back doing what I love, and if this is something you like, feel free to check out this pattern at @sewmariana and follow the link in my profile.

All the fabrics used are from Dailylike Canada and I put the names so you can easily find them in their shop.

Used material :

Branch Cotton
Crown Cotton
Titmouse Cotton 
Pure White Cotton
Ink Cotton


Have a great day, and keep quilting!






  • Posted by Joy Dickson on

    Love this adorable little quilt. The Dailylike Canada fabrics are so soft and pretty in it. 💞

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