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Handy Hoops

Handy Hoops

The woes of an artist are often ironic ones. Some days, we want to see the result of our hard work without really going through the “hard work” stage. We want to see pretty things that we can be proud of but dedicating ten hours and a night’s worth of back pain is a steep price to pay. It’s true that we enjoy what we do, most of the time, we wouldn’t go through it otherwise, but there are some days where we just want to take it slow.

Likewise, the creative mind can be somewhat chaotic, and keeping track of all the moving parts around us can be a task in and of itself.

Hence this new project.

The Handy Hoop is something I came up with on one of those weary days, where the messiness was starting to get to me. I had an embroidery hoop from back before I decided to take the quilting route, and some Dailylike fat quarter packs fabric, so I started experimenting.


Used material : Take a Rest Quarter Fabric Pack


The result was the picture you see here, a beautiful hoop to keep all my utensils organized and on-hand.


Now usually, I have most of my scissors, glue sticks, clips, and pens dumped into colorful little buckets on my desk. Now, I’ve got them up on my wall, a decorative utility, and what could go better in a quilter’s studio than that?


The beauty of this project isn’t just its speed and simplicity but the fact that it’s inexpensive and gives you the chance to customize it into whatever you like.

All I needed was my machine, a hoop, a three-pack fat quarter bundle I got from Daily Like Canada, and a mess to organize. With just that I made everything you see in the picture.



Personally, I made my hoops with fabrics that would match with my sewing machine, but you can mix and match fabrics and sizes of the hoops however you want, whatever seems pretty and suits your needs.


This project is so flexible, you can see that I sewed the pockets using vertical lines and adjusted the width of each depending on what I wanted. Even the depth is up to you; once you put down the hoop and figure out where you want to cut, they can be as shallow or deep as you like.



Projects like these are a breath of fresh air in between bigger projects, and truly a platform to explore your creativity with whatever fabrics, sizes, additions and even content that you’d like to use. This makes for such a thought-out gift because really anyone can use something like this.



So go right ahead and have fun making the Handy Hoop that suits what you like the best!


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