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Itty Bitty Pencil Pouch Free Pattern

Itty Bitty Pencil Pouch


Sewing Level: Confident Beginner
Finished Size: 1” x 1” x 9.5”
Pattern by: Carla Peicheff : Instagram @cpeicheff


  • FQ Canvas fabric *exterior - I used “Midnight Party” canvas
  • FQ 100% Cotton *interior - I used “Citrus Flowers” cotton
  • 10” zipper
  • FQ Fusible fleece
  • Basic sewing supplies: Sewing machine, thread, quilting rulers, rotary trimmer, scissors.

Cutting Fabrics:

  1. Cut canvas to 3 x 10.5” (2 pieces)
  2. Cut cotton to 3 x 10.5” (2 pieces)
  3. Cut fusible fleece to 3 x 10.5” (2 pieces)
*Please note all seam allowances are ¼”.*


1. Interface Canvas with fusible fleece. *Follow the manufacturer’s directions on fleece instructions.
    2. Lay one piece of your canvas right side up, lay zipper right side down on top. Finally lay your interior cotton piece right side down on top of the zipper and canvas as shown. Pin.
      3. Sew zipper with zipper foot.
      4. Open fabrics and press.
        5. Lay your second piece of canvas right side up.
        Lay your sewn zipper piece on top so both canvas outer pieces are touching. Lay your interior fabric right side down on top of sewn interior fabric as show and pin. Sew zipper once again.
        6. Open your fabric pieces as shown. Press. Top stitch by the zipper.




        7. Pinch your canvas exterior pieces and cotton interior pieces together and pin all the way around. You will need to leave a 4” opening in which to turn your pouch in the lining as shown from point A to B. Start sewing at A and finish sewing at B.
        8. Grab your quilting ruler and a disappearing ink pen or pencil. Mark 1” on each corner as shown and trim.


        9. Squeeze the corners “butting” up the seams as shown. Sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Do the same for all 4 corners. *If your threads start to come undone, just give each end a quick back and forth stitch to reinforce.

        10. After you have sewn your 4 corners you’ll be turning your pouch right side out from the 4” opening you left earlier.

        Your pouch should now look like this…

        Stick your fingers in that opening and *pop* out the corners so they’re nice and pointed. The final step is to stitch the opening closed.

        Voila!! Your pouch is complete!!


        I hope you’ve enjoyed making my *Itty Bitty Pencil Pouch*! Please feel free to make & sell items with this tutorial on a small scale.

        When sharing on social media please use the hashtag #ittybittypencilpouch & #dailylikecanada - please feel free to tag me @cpeicheff so I can see your adorable Itty Bitty Pencil Pouches! Thanks so much!! Happy sewing!



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