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Making Garments for Dolls

Used fabrics : Black Stripe >> products/simple-fabric-cotton-20c-black-stripe-42-wide
Yellow Dot >> products/fabric-cotton-20c-249-flower-field-yellow-dot


Hi! My name is Kayleigh and I am the dollmaker behind Deeyu Dolls.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Daily Like Canada Official Supporter this summer so naturally my first thought was about how many doll outfits I could make with their beautiful fabric. Ever thought of making clothes for your little one's dolls? Too intimidated to try? I'll walk through my process and hopefully make you realize that you could make garments for dolls too!


Used fabrics : Left / Little Flower >> products/design-fabric-cotton-20c-wander-little-flower-42-wide
Right / Rain >> products/design-fabric-cotton-20c-rain-42-wide

Rainy Day >> products/design-fabric-cotton-20c-rainy-day-42-wide


Pick a doll, any doll.  

For me this is easy, since I am dressing the dolls that I have made. You can use any doll you like! If this is your first time making clothing for a doll, I would recommend trying to do so with a cloth doll to start rather than a plastic doll. The fit of clothing on a cloth doll is much more forgiving than the fit on a plastic doll since their bodies can be maneuvered and manipulated easier than their plastic counterparts.


Consider your doll's functionality  

Is this a doll whose arms move? Then make sure you have a sleeve that moves with it. Make sure you don't loose any functionality of the doll you have chosen by making clothing that will not compliment all of its possible uses. Your child is not going to be happy if you squeeze their favourite doll into a tight maxi skirt, leaving the doll’s legs unusable. Functionality is also a consideration when choosing the fabric you are going to use; something like canvas is going to be more rigid than cotton, for instance.

Think "removable"

This one is really up to you, but I prefer my doll clothes to be removable. Removable pieces allow for you to wash pieces separate from the doll and also allows your little one to dress up the doll when they want. Buttons, elastic waists, Velcro, hooks, snaps, ties; there are a lot of options for making your doll clothing removable so pick whichever one works for you which also complementing the aesthetic you are aiming for.


Used fabrics : Yellow Dot >> products/fabric-cotton-20c-249-flower-field-yellow-dot


Think outside of the box

You are designing clothing for a doll, so go crazy! The doll isn't going to complain if it looks ridiculous, so try something different!

Make a pattern

Start simple. If you are making additional clothing for a doll that already has clothes, consider using those existing pieces as templates. You can lay the clothes flat on a piece of paper and trace around them and use that as your pattern. Alternatively, you could lay your doll down on a piece of paper and trace around the body to get an idea of the size of the clothing you need to make. If you have a soft tape, use that to take measurements of the doll the same way you would measure a person if you were making clothes for them. Stay tuned to the Dailylike Canada Blog for a more detailed post on doll clothing pattern making next month.


Try it out!

The worst that can happen is it doesn't quite work out as you had planned, in which case you didn't use up too much fabric because you were making clothes for a doll after all.


That’s it for today! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you are interested in following my journey in dollmaking feel free to check out my instagram at www.instagram.com/deeyudolls. Thanks again to Daily Like Canada for the opportunity to create more with their gorgeous prints, and for giving me this platform to share some of my wisdom.


Tune in next month for a more detailed blog post on creating a dress pattern for a doll.


Thanks again,

-Kayleigh (Deeyu Dolls)


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