| Mariana Diaz

Pineapple Block

After the recent move, everything has been in shambles. Boxes upon boxes that refuse to empty seem to flood every corner, piling on the feeling of being a guest in these high ceilings and hollow rooms. While our walls still lack paintings, and our closets still hide the occasional bauble we have no idea where to put, the house around us has finally begun to transition into something we can call home. To encourage the feeling, I decided to make my daughter this pineapple block for her room, thinking it the perfect opportunity to use Daily Like!
The delicate designs already had me curious to jump in, and as soon as I did, my curiosity turned to delight! Not only are the quaint colors and designs completely up my alley, but the texture of the fabrics themselves demonstrate great quality because they’re soft to the touch but firm enough to work with comfortably.
I had lots of fun mixing and matching the colors, deciding on a combination. Daily Like are actually really easy to match up for quilting! I eventually settled on pink and navy because it’s one of my all-time favorite color combinations, not to mention the pink is perfect for my little girl, and the navy helps give it a more mature look seeing as she’s actually about to start college.
I decided to use different widths for the strips to give it a bit of a twist, and make it a little more visually interesting.
Also, have you seen the little houses in the middle? I thought they would make the perfect little centerpiece, and they did a great job of tying everything else together!
The great thing about this design is that it caters to my daughter’s needs, especially since I installed a zipper on the back so she can either hang it up on her wall or use it as a pillow.
This really reminded me how much quilting makes you feel at home, so definitely check out Daily Like for your next quilting project!


  • Posted by Wendy Mierke on

    It’s beautiful Mariana! I hope you can settle into your new home soon!

  • Posted by Joy Dickson on

    This is adorable. Love it.

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