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Rainbow Wristlet Tutorial

Hi again!

It's Lindsay and I will be sharing another tutorial with you all. This time we will be making this sweet rainbow wristlet. If you don't have the key chain hardware, don't worry! It will still work great as a pouch without it. 



Dailylike Canada Bio-Washing Linen in Deep Navy

Dailylike Canada Bio-Washing Linen in Cozy Beige

Dailylike Canada Design Fabric 20C Rainbow  

Dailylike Canada Design Fabric Linen Shadow

Dailylike Canada Design Fabric 20C Deep Scent

Handmade leather tag

Cotton Ribbon - Dot

Fusible Interfacing (I used Pellon SF101)

Key Chain hardware

Sturdy Fusible Interfacing (I used Pellon 71F)




For the front pocket: 

-cut 3 pieces of the rainbow fabric 2x5 inches

-cut 4 pieces shadow fabric 1.5x5 inches

-Cut 1 piece of the flower fabric 5x9 inches for the pocket lining + 1 piece interfacing 5x9 inches as well.

-For the pocket binding cut 1.5x9inches from the natural linen.

Outer Pouch:

-Cut 2 pieces of the navy linen 7x9 inches

Interior Lining:

-Cut 2 pieces of the flower fabric 7x9 inches + 2 pieces interfacing 7x9 inches



Start by sewing together the Shadow linen and rainbow fabric along the 5 inch edge. Alternate the fabric so that you have a shadow piece between each of the rainbow pieces, plus one on each end. 

Press seams away from the shadow fabric.

Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the pocket lining. 

Place pocket lining right side down and place the pocket top right side up on top of it. 

I sewed a straight line on each side of the crosshatch pieces to help hold it all together. 

Flip the pocket piece over so the lining piece is facing up. Line up your piece of natural linen along the top edge. Sew a 1/4 along the top edge.

Press the linen away from the lining.

Flip the pocket over. You should have 1 inch of linen peeking out above the top of your fabric. Fold over 1/2 inch towards the top of the pocket. Press with an iron. Fold over again. Pin or use binding clips to hold in place.

Hand sew or machine stitch binding in place. 

Place pocket on top of one of your outer pouch pieces lining up the bottom edges. Now is the time to place your "handmade" tag, so find the center and mark the spot with an erasable pen. Attach the tag. 

 Baste the pocket on top of your outer pouch. 


Cut a 2 inch piece of cotton ribbon. Fold in half right sides out.  Place on one side of your out pouch a little above the top of your pocket. Line up the raw edges, making sure the loop is facing in. Bind in place.

Fuse interfacing to wrong side of pouch lining pieces. 


Zipper Installation:


 Cut 2 pieces of your blue linen 1x2 inches. Fold a piece in half and sew it across one end of your zipper. The final length of the zipper including the tabs needs to be 9 inches. Measure 8 inches from that first zipper tab and sew the other one at that point. Trim off the zipper pieces you don't need. 

Place your outer fabric piece with the pocket attached right side up. Place the zipper face down on top of the main piece so that the zipper will open from the left. Place a lining piece right side down on top of the zipper. Using a zipper foot, sew through all 3 layers. Fold outer fabric and lining fabric away from zipper so that the main fabric and lining fabric are wrong sides together. Press with your iron. 



Place the other main fabric piece right side up. Place the zipper on the piece you just sewed right side down on top of the main piece. Place your other lining piece right side down on top of that. Sew through all 3 layers with your zipper foot, fold away from zipper and press. 


I rounded the edges along the bottom of the pouch. To do this you can use a small glass as a template and cut through both main fabric and lining pieces (including pocket) on bottom corners.


Making sure your zipper is at least half open, place both main outer pieces right sides together and both lining pieces right sides together. Pin or use binding clips to hold in place. 


Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew around the pouch leaving a 3 inch opening at the bottom edge of the lining. Clip around the curved edges. Turn right side out and press. Sew the opening in the lining closed. 



For the wristlet strap:

* You will need the hardware for the key chain to do this

Cut a 3.25x9 inch piece of the Shadow linen 

Cut a 1.25x9 inch piece of sturdy fusible interfacing. (I used Pellon 71F)


Press a 1/2 inch fold along one of the long edges of the crosshatch fabric and a 1/4 inch fold on the other side. Place the interfacing, glue side down, on top of the fabric under the 1/2 inch flap. Fold over the rest of the fabric over and press. Flip this piece over and press to fuse the interfacing. Top stitch a few straight lines to secure in place. 

Fold this piece in half, making sure whatever side you prefer is facing out, and attach the key chain hardware to the raw edges of this piece. 

Attach key chain to zipper pull or the cotton ribbon loop.


You did it! Thanks for reading and sewing along! 

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