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Sawtooth Star Block Tutorial

Sawtooth Star Block Tutorial


Hello friends!
I hope you all are enjoying some crafting time where you are.
I wanted to share a tutorial with you using one of my favorite quilt blocks.
It can easily be turned into a mugrug for those hot or cold drinks you enjoy. 
My favorite thing about making this block is that there is no fabric waste!
I'll be using fabric from my custom bundle with DailyLike Canada called 'Dots and Blooms'. >>> A link for the bundle!
The measurements below will make a 6" finished block. Let's get to the tutorial!
Choose two fabrics, preferrably one dark and one light.
As you get more comfortable making this block you can experiment with adding in more fabrics.
The lighter fabric will form the star.
Fabrics Pictured: (Click the name of the fabric to see each product!)
Mini Flower
Yellow Dot
 From the light fabric cut:
(1) 3.5" Square
(4) 2.5" Squares
 From the dark fabric cut:
(1) 4.25" Square
(4) 2" Squares
Step One:
Take your 2.5" squares and draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the fabric.
Place two of these squares in opposite corners of the 4.25" square.
The lines will meet and the squares will slightly overlap.
Sew a 1/4" seam allowance on each side of the drawn line.
Cut the block in half along the drawn line.
Press the seam toward the smaller triangles.
Step Two:
Place each of your remaining 2.5" squares in the corner of each unit you just made.
Just like before, sew 1/4" away from both sides of the drawn line and then cut along that line.
Yay! We now have four flying geese units and we haven't wasted any fabric!
Step Three:
Now we will square up our blocks.
Trim them to 2" x 3.5" ensuring there is 1/4 of an inch seam allowance at the top of each point.
Almost done!
Let's arrange our block.
Place your geese around the center block forming the star.
Put a 2" square in each corner.
Sew the rows together and now you have a sawtooth star block!
To turn our block into a mugrug, cut a piece of batting or fusible fleece and backing fabric to the same size of the block.
To keep this tutorial from getting too lengthy, I'm including detailed instructions just for the no binding method.
If you choose to finish your mugrug with binding, you will need approximately 36" of binding made from 2.25" strips.
For the no binding method, simply place your star block on the batting square.
If you wish to add a cute tag, place it facing in along one of the edges.
Now place the backing fabric right side down on the star block.
Leave a 2" opening along one of the sides for turning.
Sew around, clip excess fabric from the corners and turn right side out, tuck in the opening and press with an iron.
Close the opening by topstitching around the block with a 1/8" seam allowance. 
Thank you all for following along with this tutorial and I hope to see you make some!
When you share your sawtooth star block mugrug, please tag us (@sewknotcrochet / @dailylikecanada )! We would love to see your version!


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    I am pulling out fabrics for this project now!
    Thank you Wendy for another kind tutorial!
    Looks so fun!

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