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Sew Foxy Project/Knitting Bag



As a knitter and crafter, I am always on the lookout for great bags for my supplies. When you have such pretty fabrics to work with like the ones by Dailylike, how can you not be inspired to sew one up for yourself!


I thought about the little details that I like having in a project bag.
I knew that it needed to be deep enough to fit at least one skein of yarn and deep enough so the project won't fall out.
I also love pockets, you always need pockets for all your cute notions, scissors, needles, etc.
Handles are always great too, that makes the projects portable.
One last thing, a little detail I like is when my project bag will sit nicely on a table in front of my while it holds my yarn nicely and its sturdy enough that stays open and standing. 

 I think I managed to fit all my likes into this cute project bag. 





For this sample I used Winter Fox and Natural Linen.





For the pattern and the template, please visit my blog to download.

Free Pattern and Template >>>> http://thishandknitlife.blogspot.ca/


It's such a simple pattern and so fun to make, with many different variations that you won't be able to stop at one.
What's more, its reversible so the possibilities for fabric combinations are endless! Even a patchwork one.
With all the beautiful fabrics and the lovely cotton webbing available at Dailylike, you'll want to make so many!
Like all knitters with many projects on the needles at one time, you can never have enough bags to go with them.



I would love to see all of your finished bags so please tag me on instagram or use the #thlknittingbag.
Happy Sewing!



  • Posted by Ivelina on

    Amazing bag! I love it very much and I am sure I will make it. It is a perfect way to keep my knitting items well organized at home and to travel with it! These pockets just make me love it even more! Fabric choice is simply great! Thank you Olivia and Sara! ♥

  • Posted by Sara on

    Thanks for the comment Ivelina!
    Wish I could reply each comment, but I can’t.
    I myself enjoyed a lot on making this knitting bag. (for me, daily bag :)) Couldn’t stop and ended up with several tote bags.
    Thank you again, Olivia for providing us a free tutorial/pattern and inspiring to make it with your own beautiful make and photos!

  • Posted by Kate on

    I wish I could sew so I could make this adorable bag!!! I would totally buy one if I could!!!

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