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Simple Drawstring Bag Tutorial


Hello! I'm excited to be bringing you my first blog post as a Dailylike Canada Official Supporter. My name is Lindsay and I've been sewing for about 4 years now. I was immediately drawn to Dailylike Canada's fabrics. I love the animal fabrics and trims they offer! Today I will be sharing a tutorial for a simple drawstring bag. It is a pretty quick make, and it would be so sweet to fill with goodies during the upcoming holiday season!


Let's get started!



Dailylike Canada Solid Green Land

Dailylike Canada  Winter Tree 

Lace Trim (Discontinued)

Handmade leather tag

Cotton Ribbon

2- 25inch pieces of Bakers twine or burlap string


*We'll be using a 1/4 inch seam allowance throughout


  1. Cut an 8x8 inch square from the green fabric.  Cut 2 8x5 inch pieces from the winter trees print, and an 8 inch piece of lace trim


  1. Sew one piece of the winter trees fabric to one side of the green 8x8 square. Press seams open. On the opposite side of the one you just sewed, sew the second 8x5 winter trees piece. Press seams open.


  1. With your project facing up, choose one seam where the green and winter trees fabric meet. Pin the 8 inch piece of lace trim over the line where the 2 fabrics meet.  (Make sure whatever thread you are using matches the lace trim) Sew in place. 


  1. Mark a spot 1 inch below lace trim and 4 inches from one side with an erasable pen or chalk. Center the 'handmade' tag and sew in place. 


  1. Fold a 2 inch piece of cotton ribbon in half with decorative side facing out. Baste it in place on the side with the lace trim, about an inch above the trim. Make sure the loop is facing in!


  1. Fold sewn piece in half RST making sure lace seams match. Starting 2 inches from the top, sew a 1/4 inch seam down one side (Make sure to backstitch to secure seam). Do the same on the other side starting 2 inches down from the top of your piece.  Press seams open.


  1. You should have a 2 inch opening on both sides now. Press a quarter inch seam on each side. Sew down each pressed seam to secure (you will do this 4 times)


  1. Fold 1/4 inch down along the top. Press well. Fold another 1/2 inch down and press again. Repeat both of these steps on the other side. Sew along the very bottom of each 1/2 inch fold. This has created the pocket for the string to run through.


  1. Starting at the bottom of your bag, fold the bottom up 1 inch. Sew along the seams to secure it in place. This will make the bag sit nicely once it is turned right side out and filled.


  1. Turn your bag right side out. Attach the baker's twine to a safety pin and run it all the way through both pockets on top coming out the same way you went in.  Tie both ends in one knot towards the bottom of the string.  Repeat with second string starting at the opposite entrance. 


Your bag is finished! Now fill it with candies or whatever goodies you would like! Thanks for following along! 


Lindsay Chieco

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