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Stitcharmony X Dailylike Canada Collaboration Lookbook | June 2018

Andrea @stitcharmony's very first project as our Official Supporter | Bashful Koala Pincushion

Used fabric : Koala Organic Cotton 20c / Twee Cotton 20c / Pink Dot Cotton 20c / Handmade Leather Tag

Pattern from #seworganizedforthebusygirl by @fabricmutt with a small #tellmeastoryquilt block from #intentionalpaperpiecingbook by @duringquiettime



Gathered Skirt with pockets and cute kitties

Used fabric : Alley Cat Cotton 20c / Vivid Red Cotton 20c

Free pattern from @purlsoho



Gym Shorts in Zoey's favorite animal zebras and floral fabric

Used fabric : Zebra Organic Cotton 20c / Bloom Cotton 20c / Alphabet Tag

Free pattern from @purlsoho


Romper perfect for the summer ( Special thanks to a beautiful little model, Zoey)

Used fabric : Fade Cotton 30c / Alphabet Tag

Free pattern from @purlsoho




Andrea Hanson

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