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Tea Pot Cozy Tutorial


Spring is in the air.

Tea flavored with roses, herbs and wildflowers, the scent of freshly cut grass and wispy clouds.
Dailylike seems to have been able to capture all of my favorite things about spring onto their lovely cotton fabrics. 

As a knitter, there are two things that are always by my side my yarn and a cup of tea.
I designed a very simple teapot cozy with some very beautiful fabrics that I think are perfect for that spring cuppa. 

Tea Pot Cozy Tutorial

1/2 yd of 2 different fabrics (Fabrics are all from Dailylike)
1 X for outer lining
1 x for inner lining
bias binding at least 30" (I bought mine here)
pins, binding clips, rotary cutter, scissors and needle
Download the template here.
Print to 100% scale and make sure the little test square measures  square 1".
A few notes about the pattern,
Seam allowance is 1/4" and included in template.
The teapot will fit over a 2 cup brown betty teapot. 
I have not included instructions for binding, there is a great tutorial for binding here and how to make your own here
If you prefer, you can print out the template twice and tape the paper together along the fold line. This is useful if you want to avoid cutting 4x or if you decide to do patchwork and need to trim your pieces.
Cut out template and pin it to your fabric along the fold, cut out pieces 4x.
Also using template cut out your 2 pieces of insul-bright. If you don't have any at your local craft store quilt batting will work too, maybe double up to make sure it keeps the heat in.

Pin your ribbon at top in the middle of the outer lining piece with the loop inside the two pieces.
Sew along 2 outer lining pieces right sides together, slowly along the curves leave bottom edge.
Repeat for inner lining only add the insul-bright as well, it will be
insul-bright, fabric right sides together, insul bright 
and sew along outer edges leaving bottom edge, sew slowly since you will have 4 layers to sew through and a curve.


Take your outer lining and turn it right side out place your inner lining sandwich into the outer lining. 
Pin in place or use clips because now you will be attaching the binding at the bottom edge.
This closes in all the raw edges. 
I hand sewed the binding on the inner lining. Once the binding is done, your teapot cozy is ready for use.




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