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“Thank You” Letter to Sewing

Used material
Left : World of Space Cotton FQ Pack /  Fragment Linen
Middle : Sage Green Oxford / Hello Bird Cotton / Dot Cotton
Right : Navy Stripe Cotton / Yellow Dot Cotton



“Thank You” Letter to Sewing


Hi everyone! Kayleigh from Deeyu Dolls here with another blog post for DailyLike Canada. I have so enjoyed my three months as a DailyLike Canada Official Supporter and I can’t believe my three months is up! Not only is my time up as an “Official” Supporter, but my time being home is also up; I have been on Maternity Leave for the last year and I head back to full-time work this month. There were lots of firsts for me over this past year, not least of which being that I started making handmade dolls this year. Before this winter I had not used my sewing machine more than a few times ever. Thinking back, I’m not sure what triggered me to start sewing, but I am so glad that I did. When I was thinking of what to write for my final blog post for DailyLike Canada I thought it would be fitting to write about what sewing has meant to me over this past year, as I prepare for going back to work.


Relax & Reset

Sitting down at my sewing machine and focusing on a project has been an amazing de-stresser for me. It isn’t always easy to tune out stress and anxiety but I find when I am working on a sewing project I feel more relaxed and calm. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I run into issues with the project I am working on and that ends up causing me some grief, but sewing-stress is a lot different and more temporary than life-stress. There is something very satisfying about starting a project, problem solving, and ending up with something tangible that you can be proud of.



It feels really good to do something that not everyone can do. I mean, everyone could sew if they wanted to, but not everyone feels like they can or has an interest in trying. I am friends with a lot of non-sewers and they always seem blown away by my creations; it is a major ego booster! The more I sew, the better I get at it, and the more comfortable I am receiving praise for my work.


Used material 
Body Top : Cactus Cotton Canvas
Body Bottom : Love Things Laminated 
Handle : Burgundy Webbing Strap


Sense of Community

If you are doing any kind of hobby, there are other people out there also doing something similar. Social Media has made it so easy to connect with other makers from around the world and if you haven’t already I urge you to do so. Search hashtags (I started with a search in Instagram for “#handmadedoll”) that you might use when sharing your work and see who else is using them. Talk to them. Complement their work. Learn from them. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from the dollmaking community; my work has improved immensely just from being inspired by others to create and push myself to try new things.


Used material
Outer fabric : Rabbit Cotton
Inner fabric : Fragment Linen


Not Only a “Mom”

This one has been especially important to me. It can sometimes be lonely and thankless being home full time with small children. I have two girls under the age of 3 and it has been so wonderful to have the time to be home and watch them grow, but in the day-to-day hussle it can be easy to forget that you are something other than “Mom”. Sewing dolls began as something I wanted to do for my children, but it quickly became something that I did for me. Being recognised for something separate from my being a parent has been extremely beneficial for me, both as a mother and as a maker.


Used material :
Body Top : Goose Embroidered Oxford
Body Bottom : Love Things Cotton
Handle : Burgundy Webbing Strap


When I applied to be a DailyLike Canada Official Supporter I thought it was a long-shot. I basically only felt comfortable sewing dolls. When Sara at DailyLike Canada told me I had been chosen I was excited, surprised, and nervous; I didn’t feel like I didn’t have much to offer. I ultimately accepted the challenge and I am so happy I did. I have pushed myself to try new things (turns out I LOVE sewing bags) and it has been so wonderful to get to play with so much of DailyLike Canada’s beautiful fabric. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity, and if you are out there and on the fence about applying to be an Official Supporter I am here to say “do it!”; you won’t regret it.


Thanks for reading, folks! Check out my Instagram at www.instagram.com/deeyudolls to follow my dollmaking and other sewing adventures.


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