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The Curvy Clutch ( Tips and Link for Free Pattern / Tutorial )




Today I will share with you another project that I absolutely love to make: The Curvy Clutch! It’s simple, it’s fun, and you will end up with a pouch that is both practical and beautiful!

You can find the tutorial here: http://blog.pinkdoorfabrics.com/the-curvy-clutch-a-free-pattern-and-tutorial/

I printed my pattern at 110% since I wanted my pouch a little bigger.


Material :
Dailylike Dew Drop Linen (Exterior top fabric)
Dailylike Breeze Flower Cotton (Exterior bottom fabric)
Dailylike Branch Cotton (Interior fabric)
Zipper / Zipper Pull
Dailylike Handmade Leather Label


Once I had all my pieces cut out and ready to sew, I came up with the idea to use a doily on my clutch.  However, the color of the doily didn't match my project and I wanted mine to match. I did a little research online and found an easy yarn dye that I could use to change the color of my doily from a light beige to a navy. That was genius right? Well, at least I thought so. I used Tulip custom color lab cotton yarn dye and followed the manufactures instructions to dye my doily. 




Once the doily is dried, go ahead and give it a nice press. Grab your fabric glue and add some dots to the back of the doily. Then turn it right side up and position it where you would like on the front of the project and press in place. Once the glue dries, trim the excess. Now with a matching thread, sew all the way around the doily to secure it in place.  



 Once you sew on the zipper, grab your handmade tag and stitch it in place. Now you can go ahead and use the rest of the tutorial to finish your project. Since you all know that I like details, I decided to add some iron-on crystals to the flowers along with a zipper pull.  




That was such a delightful project to make! I can't wait to make another, but that’s after I get lucky and find more doilies at a neighborhood garage/estate sale. Wish me luck!  



 Have fun sewing The Curvy Clutch, I cant wait to see your variations of this pouch!





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