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About Dailylike

Dailylike is a trendy, fashionable lifestyle brand from South Korea and popular, growing brand throughout the world.
We carry modern and unique fabrics of outstanding quality, durability and value, as well as a variety of stationery and sewing notions.

The concept behind the brand is to find joy and happiness in everyday life which I am carrying on for my life!


About Dailylike Canada (March 2016 ~ )

APRIL 2019


This is me, Sara SJ.
I’m a typical introvert, quiet and reserved, slow to jump into conversations. I started this business expecting little social engagement as I am normally drained by small talk and typical business interactions. But all of you who are part of this warm, kind, and supportive online community have helped me to be comfortable with who I am and look forward to hearing from you, and it has been so lovely growing in relationship with each of you - thank you!💕
I feel so blessed that I was able to move to this incredible country with my husband Kye (who works for Canada Post in case you're curious) and able to pursue my incredible career. I am a sewist! Regardless of how much or how little I can sew in a day, it always brings me great peace and joy to dream, plan, and execute my sewing projects. When I began my sewing journey in Canada and was searching for available materials, I had the desire to introduce the Korean brand Dailylike to my fellow sewers in North America and that is how Dailylike Canada was born.


We moved to Langley, BC in 2019.
We don't have an actual retail store YET. (We're working on it!)
We only possess a warehouse that carries enough stock for our online store.
So when you have something to send us, please use the address below. 

9 - 20087 68 AVE

MARCH 2018



We are Sara SJ and Kye, Founders of Dailylike Canada / Clickus Trading Inc. 

We are business people who are passionate about sewing and we've seen Dailylike booming in South Korea for the last 8 years, so we've decided to bring these fabulous products to Canada and the States.
We will be sharing interesting stories and projects from Dailylike's own design team and passionate community, including DIY craft and sewing projects on our blog.

As founders of Clickus Trading Inc., we are planning to bring more of these amazing fabrics and sewing related products from Dailylike.
Please keep en eye on us and get excited finding treasures from our stock.




You can reach us by writing the message box below :)